401(k) / 403 (b) Administration

SASI has specializes in Retirement Administration and we allow you to work directly with our ERISA attorney and our team of experts to establish and maintain your company’s 401(k) retirement or profit sharing plan. Our team has the training and experience to take care of all your retirement plans recordkeeping and administration services so that your retirement plan remains ERISA compliant.

401(k) recordkeeping services should be performed to ensure that all IRS and ERISA rules and requirements are satisfied so that the retirement plan remains in full compliance. Recent IRS and ERISA rules require detailed recordkeeping in order to track the various activities of the retirement plan and its participants. It is important that all retirement plan recordkeeping be coordinated in order to track, separately, employee deferrals and after-tax voluntary contributions as well as employer matching, qualified non-elective and profit sharing contributions. Distributions may occur on separation from service, as loans or hardship withdrawals; since each of these involve different types of transactions, it is vital that a recordkeeping service be in place to track all these activities separately.

In general, plan recordkeeping services can be performed by various types of service providers. They can be performed in-house, by a third-party administrator, a separate recordkeeping firm or a bundled service provider. Basically, in-house recordkeeping will be feasible only for larger employers. In the case of small or mid-size businesses with less than a 100 employees, it is far more cost effective to have a third-party perform all plan recordkeeping services.

We provide 401(k) plan and retirement plan administration services for hundreds of employers’ across the country. We can customize your company’s retirement plan to include many different tax-differed savings options.