Benny™ Card

SASI offers the Benny™ Card, a convenient debit card for healthcare purchases

SASI is thrilled to be able to offer employee participant access to the Benny™ Card; an SASI Flex Convenience Card/debit card option for healthcare expenses.   The Benny™ Card gives employee participants the option of paying for their qualified expenses automatically at the point of sale, directly from the appropriate account. No more confusing reimbursement paperwork or account research or verification required!
The Benny™ Prepaid Benefits Card, simplifies employees’ access to their employer-sponsored accounts. It can be used with Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs), Pre-Tax Transportation Programs, and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). The Benny™ Prepaid Benefits Card lets employees pay for their qualified expenses automatically at the point of sale, directly from the appropriate account. This eliminates the system of paying twice (once through payroll deduction and once at the point of sale), sending in claims, and waiting for reimbursement. Using Benny™ is the fast, easy, and automatic way to access your accounts.


The Benny™ Debit Card is a debit card you can use for qualified medical care expenses. You can use this card at any health care merchant who accepts MasterCard® and is a participating merchant. Because the Benny™ Debit Card pays your providers directly you don’t have to wait for reimbursement.


Each time you swipe the card your appropriate account is electronically debited.  According to IRS regulations you must still substantiate certain expenses. We have made it simple for you to comply with this requirement.


When a charge needs to be substantiated, you will receive, via email, a Benny™ Card Documentation form designed specifically for your Benny™ Card swipes.  This form is pre-populated with your service date(s) and transaction amount(s). It is emailed to you at the beginning of the month following the swipes requiring substantiation. Simply sign the form and return it to SASI with the accompanying documentation showing the date, type, and cost of service.


The card is accepted at any participating merchant and health care merchants using the MasterCard® system. This includes:

  • Doctor Offices
  • Dental / Vision Clinics
  • Mail Order Rx Programs

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