A powerful combination

The easiest way to learn about, shop for, select, and purchase HSA/FSA eligible retail items.

We at SASI, Inc. are pleased to announce the availability of Health Shopper, an ecommerce website designed around shopping for HSA/FSA eligible items and purchasing via the Amazon.com shopping experience.

Health Shopper gives you the ability to search for a wide array of FSA/HSA eligible items. It allows you to shop for those FSA/HSA eligible items you need as well as learning about and discover products you may not know were eligible or existed. Health Shopper accomplishes this by delivering a custom curated product list, with seasonal recommendations, topical content and superior search functionality. All the while allowing you to purchase via a familiar, comfortable and second to none e-commerce experience through Amazon.

You can continue to utilize value added benefits from Amazon that you love, such as an Amazon Prime membership (which includes free shipping), just as you have in the past. Further, Health Shopper will continually highlight coupons and special deals on eligible products. So, make sure to come back and visit the site often!

Health Shopper is available to you as a SASI, Inc. participant at no additional cost, just go to the site via the link below to discover eligible products, and potential savings while utilizing Amazon to purchase your products!

Click here to visit HealthShopper.com